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Your best friend is as much a loved and cherished member of your family as everyone else, except that the other family members don’t arrive home coated with mud and smelling of something even more putrid. (Well, not usually anyway!)

He’s a great family pet, but maybe he doesn’t get along with other dogs very well, or perhaps he just doesn’t enjoy travelling in the family car very much.

Of course, you could always attempt the great fun of trying to get him into the family’s bathtub! What happened the last time you tried that? The entire house got a soaking when he escaped, shaking water onto everything and anyone in a radius of several feet, ending with his grand finale of diving onto your clean and freshly made bed!

Thankfully there is an alternative to the bath-time mayhem for your dog. Getting him back to clean, groomed and fresh smelling is just a telephone call away. Posh Paws mobile dog grooming will take away the hassle and stress of having to groom your dog yourself or undertaking the anxiety of travelling to and from the grooming salon. Posh Paws will bring our fully equipped grooming salon to your door and do the bathing, drying and grooming for you.

“Unlike some mobile grooming vans, the Posh Paws mobile dog grooming salon carries it’s own heated water supply. So pet owners are not inconvenienced by needing a hosepipe connection or carrying pails of water back and forth” said Angela McDonald, owner of Posh Paws. “Mobile dog grooming offers a far more convenient service for dog owners and eliminates the need for travelling back and forth for appointment times at the High Street grooming salons.”

Covering an area that stretches from the villages to the north of Oldham, Delph, Diggle, Dobcross, across to Rochdale and Holligworth to the east, Ashton Under Lyne and Stalybridge to the west and as far south as most areas of Manchester, Angela says that her services can include anything from a quick bath (wash and brush up) to full breed-standard grooming and styling.

“We operate until about 8pm each weekday plus weekend appointments as required” she said, “Our weekend times vary depending on our customer’s needs”. Posh Paws offers a range of grooming services for all breeds of dogs and normally has the dog bathed, cleaned, brushed and groomed and back in it’s home within the hour.

“If the dog just needs a bath, then we give it a warm, massaging bath with a natural shampoo matched to the skin and coat type, hand drying and brushing to remove loose hair before going back home. Our service can also include nail trimming, ear cleaning and ear hair removal.” All of Posh Paws grooming clients get individual attention, from head to tail.

“There is sometimes the misconception that a mobile grooming salon charges higher prices than a high street grooming parlour, this is mostly untrue. The customer has the convenience of having the mobile salon outside their front door and there is a cost to the mobile groomer of doing this, but there are also the other overheads of operating a shop based grooming salon, which are built into High Street prices, so one tends to balance out the other when the final charges are calculated. I want each dog to be pampered and to enjoy it’s own grooming experience and for each owner to get value for money when their dog is groomed.” Most Posh Paws clients have a four-to-six-weeks grooming rotation and Angie gets to know her clients well so that they enjoy their time with the groomer.

“It’s great fun and I enjoy every minute of it”, she said “It’s a pleasure meeting all the different dogs and their owners. It’s a big group of canine and human friends, that’s what makes each day so enjoyable.”

For more information on Posh Paws Mobile Dog Grooming, call 0161 624 0523 or 07932 718676, or visit www.poshpawsmobile.co.uk