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Dog Grooming For Older or Nervous Dogs

Do you have an older dog or nervous dog that gets stressed when travelling in the car to the dog groomer? Then contact Posh Paws Mobile Dog Grooming service and have the dog groomer and the grooming salon come to your home. What a convenience! No more stressful preparation for the journey, no more upsetting travelling for your dog, no more ‘accidents’ in the car on route.

The Convenience of Dog Grooming At Home

There are so many benefits to having the groomer visit your home. In addition to the reduced stress and anxiety for your dog, they can fit the times to suit your schedule. Our mobile dog grooming salon can arrange to visit you at a convenient time of the day, make evening appointments to groom your dog or arrange a grooming appointment at weekend – saving you the inconvenience of driving across town to the grooming salon for a specified time, returning for collection at a specified time and having your dog make two stressful journeys in the same day.

An Individual Grooming Service For Your Dog

Another ‘plus’? Your dog isn’t exposed to other animals, which can be infected, have an illness or be carrying parasites – all of which can be a bigger problem for elderly dogs. No waiting around for it’s turn with the groomer and no sitting in cages for long periods of time.

A Stress-Free Grooming Service At Your Home

Posh Paws offers a full grooming service for your dog, at the kerbside, right outside your home. Our dog groomer is experienced in both grooming and handling all kinds of dogs with care and consideration. We’ll be pleased to get to know your dog in the security and comfort of it’s own home before the short trip outside to our mobile dog grooming salon. If your dog has any special requirements then call us and discuss them with us before making an appointment – we’ll be happy to accommodate any special requirements that your dog may need.

Full Grooming Salon Services

We offer a full salon grooming service for your dog right on your doorstep. Our qualified grooming staff and our custom built mobile dog grooming van are able to offer full bathing, grooming and styling facilities. Ears and nail clipping are a standard part of our grooming routine and should you require anything further we will be pleased to discuss this with you at the time that you make an appointment.